Testing your connection prior to a transfer

The Test Connection feature is helpful when configuring a new Location.

This will test all incoming and outgoing connections, firewalls/ports, licensing, and credential settings. 

We strongly recommend running this test after adding a new Location.

To begin, navigate to your desired Location and Select Edit.

At the bottom of the pop-out window, Select Test Connection.

Note: The tests are done in sequential order. All previous tests must pass in order to continue onwards.

TestIf the test fails
Tests your connection to your desired location
Ensure the Host / IP address has been entered correctly.
Server Info
Verifies your current Client version is compatible with the Server
Update to the latest version of JetStream at our Download Page.
Verifies login credentials
Ensure your username and password have been entered correctly.
Note: These are the credentials associated with the JetStream Server machine, not the Client machine.
Checks validity of the current license
Ensure your license has been entered correctly.
Ensure your firewall is open on port 8885 for TCP traffic.
Contact Us for a new license key
Sends discovery packets to ensure sender and receiver can communicate
Ensure your firewall allows JetStream to send packets
Note: Enabling NAT Traversal may help with failed discovery packets
Pings the Server for a response via UDP
Ensure the JetStream Server is currently running.
Ensure your firewall allows for UDP traffic
Verifies the Server allows for incoming traffic
Ensure your firewall is open for port 8886 for UDP and TCP
Verifies the Server allows for outgoing traffic
Ensure your firewall is open for port 8886 for UDP and TCP