Note: Administrative privileges are required to configure Sandboxing.

  1. On the right-hand side, click the ellipsis to the left of your Location name 
  2. Select Edit
  3. Scroll down to the Administration tab and select Configure Server
  4. Scroll down to the Sandbox Mappings tab and select Add Sandbox Mapping.
    • Here you can configure which User this sandbox applies to by entering their Username.
    • If you wish to apply this sandbox to all users, leave the Username section blank.
  5. Select the Mapping Type by clicking the drop-down menu. The default is File Path.
    • The mapping name can be changed from a file path to a more suitable name.
    • For example: If your file path is:  
      • C:/Users/user/Work/Important/Projects/ 
    • changing the mapping name to "Projects" will now display as "Projects" instead of the file path.
  6. Enter the file path your sandbox is connected to.
  7. Edits can be made any time by right-clicking on the current Sandbox and Selecting Edit.