On the right-hand side Location

  1. Select the folder you wish to use for Watch Folders
  2. Right-click the folder
  3. At the bottom of the list select 'Create Watch Folder Automation'.


A window will appear with settings to configure the specifics of your Watch Folder.

  1. Your Connected Folder will be from the left-hand side Location you are connected to.
  2. Browse or manually type the file path you wish to connect.



Specific Watch Folder Settings:


The Direction your Watch Folder depends on which direction you want to set up automation.

  • To send files from your Watch Folder to the Connected folder, select 'Download from watch folder to connected folder'.
  • To send files from the Connected folder to your Watch Folder, select 'Upload from connected folder to watch folder'.


Choose the Frequency of your Watch Folder 

  • Uploading or Downloading can be as frequent as once every minute. This can be done by setting the frequency to '1m'.


Toggle: 'Do not resend from source if destination files moved or deleted' is set to ON (default setting)

  • Files that are moved or deleted from your destination folder will not be resent.
  • To resend files that are moved or deleted from your destination, set the toggle to OFF. Your destination folder will be repopulated at the next time interval set by your frequency.


Toggle: 'Delete files at destination if deleted at source' is set to OFF (default setting) 

  • This means files deleted from the source will not be deleted from your destination.
  • To delete files from your destination that have been deleted from your source, set the toggle to ON.


The Expiry of your Watch Folder can be configured by using '2w' for two weeks or '6h' for six hours. 

  • To keep your Watch Folder permanently active, leave this field empty.


Exclusions can be set for certain file types.

  • To ignore .mp4 files in your Watch Folder, enter '*.mp4'
  • Note: an asterisk '*' represents a wild-card. This means that any file of your specified file type will be excluded.


Inclusions can be set for certain file types. To include only .mov files, enter '*.mov'


Toggle: 'Start watching immediately' will bypass your Frequency and start right after you click OK.